In honor of Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day, Valley Healthcare System has already
announced a clinic event to celebrate and bring attention to this important day. On
October 19th, from 8:30 am-4:30 pm, you will have FREE access to glucose
and blood pressure screenings, dental screenings, eye screenings, depression screenings,
HIV testing and clinical breast exams (CBE). Please come join us to take advantage of these
potentially life-saving services at their new location on 1600 Fort Benning Road,Columbus,

Have you considered who your loved one is that you might take to the doctor, given the
chance? What about a mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, or friend? Women tend to place
priority on those other than themselves – their children, spouses, and parents, especially.
Because of this, they may not be as likely to make regular appointments for screenings and
tests that could potentially save their lives. Studies have found that as many as 50% of women
who have available health care coverage and are eligible may not be scheduling regular

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as you’ve probably noticed from all the
pink that is so prevalent right now. From the NFL (pink socks, pink tape, even pink shoes!)
to the goods you buy at the store, you will be seeing a lot of pink this month. But don’t gloss
over the meaning behind all this pink. This annual event is organized by major breast cancer
charities and foundations every October – for the past 25 years – to help increase awareness of
the disease and to help raise funds for research into causes, treatments, and hopefully one day
a cure.

An easy way to make a big difference and to recognize both Take a Loved One
to the Doctor Day and Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Get the women you love the most
to go see their doctor and have the routine, but monumentally important tests that so often fall
by the wayside in their busy lives. You just never know when it might make all the difference in
their health, wellness, and happiness.

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