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Springing Into Fitness for National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, and with beautiful weather and blooms springing up everywhere, there’s no better time to make fitness and health a priority in your life.

The President’s Council on Physical Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition recommends at least 60 minutes each day of physical activity for children, or at least 30 minutes each day for adults 18 and up, and small steps can make the way to huge change. But what if you’re starting from a mostly sedentary lifestyle? Don’t despair, there are easy ways to get started.

  • Start by taking the stairs at your office building instead of the elevator.
  • Park at the far end of the grocery store or office parking lot.
  • During your favorite 1-hour show, use commercial breaks to do easy cardio or strength moves like jumping jacks, lunges, or sit-ups. You could even keep a jump rope handy as you get stronger and skip your way through commercial breaks!
  • Consider ways to make your daily life an active life – for example, cleaning your house burns plenty of calories if you move at a brisk pace, yard work is practically exercise, and shopping burns up to 200 calories an hour!
  • Approach local gyms about trial memberships so you can find a fitness facility that works for your life and where you feel totally comfortable.
  • Start taking small steps to improve your nutrition, too – since nutrition plays such an important role in how you feel while exercising. Swap your morning donut for a wrap with peanut butter and banana, or exchange your 3 pm blended coffee drink with whipped cream for an iced coffee with skim milk and sugar-free syrup.
  • Learn the basics of fitness first to ensure a lifetime of fitness know-how: Focus on cleaning up your walking/running form, military-style basics like sit-ups and push-ups, or have a personal trainer work with you once or twice to teach you proper form on compound movements like squats and deadlifts. Good form means less potential for injury, which means a healthier, happier you!

For more information on the President Council on Physical Fitness and the recommendations they suggest for both adults and children, visit And to learn more about how the Valley Healthcare System and its associated practitioners can help you get on the way to a healthier, fitter life, call our main line at 706-322-9599. From registered dieticians on staff who can advise you on nutrition, to general care physicians who can evaluate you prior to starting a new exercise regimen, Valley Healthcare will walk with you along your journey!

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