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October is Bone and Joint Health Awareness Month!

Since 2011, more and more of the generation known as the “Baby Boomers” have been becoming eligible for Medicare, leading increasingly healthy and active lives – but over time, the costs of bone and joint care for this aging generation will continue to grow. This makes this year’s Bone & Joint health month all the more reason to get on the ball with taking care of your bone and joint health!

October 20th is World Osteoporosis Day, but the month goes beyond simply recognizing that prevalent condition which often affects elderly females. This worldwide event helps focus on disorders ranging from arthritis to back pain and even traumatic joint injury.

Roughly 48% of the American adult population are affected by some type of bone or joint condition, and these types of conditions are one of the most common reasons for chronic pain and disabilities. These conditions include everything from childhood conditions to advanced arthritic issues in elderly patients.

One key part of joint and bone health is simple prevention – things that you can start doing now to prevent problems down the road. Losing weight is one of the key ways to do this. Reducing the pressure on the body’s joints just by losing even a few pounds can make a world of difference, as can taking more time to warm up before exercise, choosing lower impact activities and weight bearing activities (particularly important for women who want to build bone density), or changing the types of shoes you wear. This is especially important, again, for women who often wear high heels that make them up to 10 times more likely to encounter joint and bone problems.

For more information on how to take “Do It Yourself” steps to building healthier bones and joints, see your doctor. Remember – no matter your age, you can change your future.  Call Valley Healthcare System at (706) 322-9599 to learn about all the ways you can be kind to your joints and bones.


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