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National Immunization: Where Prevention and Awareness Meet

August is National Immunization Month, a rare fusion of prevention and awareness in which simply learning about vital immunizations for newborns and infants, pregnant women, young children, preteens and teens, and adults.

A National Immunization Month Toolkit is available for free to the public at (provided by the National Public Health Information Coalition), where you can access a variety of questionnaires to help clear up any uncertainties about what immunizations you or your loved ones may be missing, needing to update on, or what possible immunizations might be worth considering.

One example of vaccines that the CDC is currently trying to raise awareness of is the whooping cough vaccine for new mothers and fathers of newborn babies who could contract whooping cough and potentially suffer grave consequences. Because babies cannot finish their whooping cough vaccine series until several months of age, there is a period of susceptibility that worries public health leaders and doctors, in which babies are more likely to contract whooping cough from caretakers like parents than from any other source. With the simple step of being informed about this vaccine and its benefits and protection for the littlest member of the family, lives could be saved.

The available immunization toolkit also aims to help the following groups:

  • Children about to start school who may be lacking vaccines necessary to enroll
  • College students who need to be up to date on certain vaccines in order to move into the dormitories at school
  • Parents of toddlers or babies age two or younger
  • All age groups and demographics going into the flu season, but especially those particularly susceptible to severe flu illness repercussions, like the elderly.


To learn more about what immunizations you and your loved ones might need to be up-to-date on, visit, or call the Valley Healthcare System main line at 706-322-9599 to schedule a wellness check with one of our experienced healthcare providers.

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