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National Hand-washing Week

Throughout all the medical innovations of the past century, the most effective way of preventing illness is washing your hands. That’s right – just a simple combination of soap, water, and 15 seconds of scrubbing and drying can add up to a lifetime of health. This is an important habit for kids to learn at a young age, especially since they have weaker immune systems than adults. To teach kids the importance of this lifelong skill, the first week of December marks National Hand-washing Awareness Week, with help from Henry the Hand.

Henry the Hand wants to raise the importance of when kids should wash their hands to prevent not only them from getting sick, but from getting their classmates, friends, and parents sick as well. Henry has four principles for kids to prevent germs from spreading. First, he teaches kids to wash their hands when they’re dirty or about to eat. Then he teaches kids not to cough or sneeze in their hands. And most importantly, he teaches kids not to put their fingers in their eyes, nose, and mouth where germs can easily spread and get inside immune systems.

Washing your hands is easily overlooked as it seems too simple. But it works, and can be easily taught to children at a young age. National Hand-washing Awareness Week and Henry the Hand is a great place to start.

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