Being a parent is one of the most important jobs that EXISTS!  The love, attention, support, and structure you provide to your child greatly impacts their adjustment to live and their reaction to regular  life events.

Even a few minutes of quality time in the car, at the store, or while cooking dinner mean so much to a child.

The following are a few questions you can ask yourself:

• How much time are you able to spend with your child or teen?
• When you spend time with your child or teen, what do you like to do together?
• How do you engage your child or teen during everyday activities (diapering, meals, driving in the car)?
• What games or activities does your child or teen like?
• How do you respond to your child’s behavior
• What does your child or teen do when he/she is (sad, angry, tired)?
• What happens when your child (cries for a long time, has a tantrum, wets the bed, skips school)?
• How do you demonstrate affection?
• How do you model caring behavior?
• How do you show affection in your family?
• How do you let your child know that you love him or her?
• How do you recognize accomplishments?
• What are your child’s greatest gifts and talents?
• How do you encourage these talents?
• What do you do when your child does something great?

How did you do?  If you don’t know some of these answers, don’t worry, you still have time.  Start today!  Sometimes we are so busy juggling all our responsibilities we forget to just take some time and invest quality time with our children.

If you find you would like some support or guidance with your child, please visit us at the Behavioral Health Department at Valley Healthcare System.  We are here for you and your child!


Dr. Giovanna Guerra

Director of Behavioral Health

Licensed Psychologist

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