With the holidays and the cold winter weather both fast approaching, your wallet is at its skinniest – but your skin might just be at its driest. Luckily, there are some simple, quick, earth-friendly, and effective fixes for both those problems right in the comfort and convenience of your own kitchen.

  • For extra-dry winter skin, an easy and cheap cleansing method to try is oil cleansing. Using a light, nicely scented oil like sweet almond oil (or any other oil with a scent you like) and a clean washcloth, massage the oil onto dry skin to remove make-up. Once make-up is dissolved, use a warm washcloth placed over skin to help dissolve the oil before wiping face clean. This method helps protect skin from harsh cleansers, while also preventing skin from losing natural oils – resulting in the softest skin imaginable.
  • Add sweet almond oil to warm bath water to mimic the moisturizing power of traditional oil bath additives.
  • Raid the fridge for a natural face mask. For tightening aging skin, try a mask of whipped eggwhites (avoiding the eyes). For moisturizing and toning, whisk together some plain yogurt and honey and apply to skin. Leave masks on for between 5-10 minutes to reap optimal benefits.
  • Slough off scaly, dry winter skin with a natural, homemade sugar scrub. Combine equal parts white or brown sugar with olive or almond oil and any natural scent you like (such as vanilla extract). Massage into skin for a few minutes before rinsing with warm water. Apply lotion or oil to skin afterwards for baby soft skin.
  • For puffy eyes brought on by lack of sleep and heavy holiday eating and drinking, try a natural compress to reduce puffiness. You can use tea bags that have been steeped and cooled completely, leaving on for 10-20 minutes to help reduce puffiness with natural tannins found in the tea. It’s less expensive than a pricey eye cream, and just as effective.

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