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According to the CDC, all people aged 6 months of age and older are recommended to receive an annual flu vaccination, with rare exceptions. A vaccinated population can help fight the spread of the flu virus.

What is a flu vaccination and how does it work?

A flu vaccination (or flu shot) introduces tiny amounts of different flu viruses to your body. The flu shot triggers an immune system response, which causes your body to fight off the virus. This happens because your body recognizes that the flu viruses should not be there. Your body will produce antibodies approximately two weeks after receiving the flu vaccine.

Benefits of getting a flu shot

  • A flu vaccination can keep you from catching the flu (influenza).
  • It can reduce the risk of flu-related hospitalization.
  • A flu shot can help keep women healthy during and after pregnancy.
  • It reduces the risk of flu-related death in children.
  • It can provide extra preventative help to people with chronic health conditions.
  • Flu shots have been shown to reduce the severity of the illness for those who still get the flu after getting the vaccination.
  • It helps protect others around you and reduces the risk of spreading the virus.

Things to consider before you get a flu vaccine

  • People who are not feeling well (including flu-like symptoms) should discuss their symptoms with their primary care physician before getting a flu shot.
  • Children younger than 6 months of age should not get a flu vaccination.
  • Individuals with severe allergies to any ingredients in flu vaccines should consult their primary care physician before getting a flu shot.
  • Individuals who have ever had Guillain-Barré Syndrome should consult their primary care physician before getting a flu shot.

Flu and COVID-19 co-morbidity

The possibility of concurrent influenza and COVID-19 epidemics is a major concern for healthcare professionals. This makes getting a flu shot even more critical during these times.

Though flu and COVID-19 may have similar symptoms and can both be contracted through airborne droplets, it’s important to note that the management approaches for the viruses are different. As of the publishing of this page, there is not a vaccine for COVID-19.

Get information about COVID-19 testing at Valley Healthcare.

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