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Donate Blood This January!

January is National Blood Donor Month. You can find the closest blood drive through the American Red Cross website. Becoming eligible to donate blood for first time donors is a simple process – just bring your driver’s license and two forms of ID. The biggest thing preventing people from donating blood is a fear of needles. But imagine the impact you’ll have on people’s lives you’ve never met (one donation can save up to three lives)! And you can also think of it as a free physical, as doctor’s will check your temperature and blood pressure to make sure it’s safe to give blood.

Donating blood becomes more important when looking at the facts – there’s a blood transfusion needed every two seconds, and over 41,000 per day. One unit of blood gets separated three ways – red blood cells are used in surgery, the plasma is used for clotting, and platelets are used for cancer and transplant patients. O-negative is the rarest blood type and is compatible with all blood types. And if you’re new, you won’t be alone, as 31% of blood donors are first timers. All it really takes is about an hour out of your day, and you might save a life (or two, or three). And don’t forget your free cookie!

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