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Cord Blood Banking: Why It Might Be Right for Your Family

If you or someone you know has welcomed a baby in the past few years, you may have heard of the newest thing in parenting: cord blood banking.

Cord blood banking works by providing stem cells taken from the umbilical cord immediately after delivery, which are preserved banked and can be used to treat countless (nearly 100) diseases, including potentially life-threatening conditions like cancer, blood disorders, and genetic diseases. These stem cells can also be used to help strengthen a child or adult’s immune system after chemotherapy. Now, clinical trials are investigating the use of these types of cells to treat autism, diabetes, cerebral palsy, and even spinal cord injuries.

Cord blood banking can be costly many banks provide payment plans and options for where the blood is banked. Some large and well-known cord blood banks include Cord Blood Registry and Via Cord.

That said, just because you bank, doesn’t mean you’ll ever use the banking that can cost a few thousand dollars – BUT, when and if you need the cells, nothing else will do, and they can be life-saving. It’s a tough choice that every family has to make for themselves but Valley Healthcare System physicians can provide even more information about the cost and benefits of this type of cord blood banking.

Though the chances that your child will have a stem cell transplant using their own cells before 10 years of age are only about one in 10,000 for an increasing number of families, this chance is a driving force to bank cord blood.

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