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Spring Flares-up Asthma and Allergy Awareness

Along with the sunshine and new life, spring has brought allergies and asthma flare-ups. So, it’s understandable why May would be Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month.

Almost all of us knows someone who has asthma or have seen the geeks on TV with their inhaler taking puffs, but asthma is not a nerd disease. This chronic lung disease affects 20 million Americans. Knowing which type of asthma you or your loved one has, allergic (extrinsic) asthma or non-allergic (intrinsic) asthma, is important for identifying symptoms and getting proper treatment.

With an effective asthma management plan, you can still live a healthy active live. Four important steps to take in your management plan for you or your loved one are:

  • Identifying and minimizing contact with your specific asthma triggers.
  • Taking your medications as prescribed.
  • Monitoring your asthma and recognizing early signs that it may be worsening.
  • Knowing what to do in case of an asthma episode or an emergency.

Allergies, unlike asthma, are grouped together by the kind of trigger, time of year, and where the symptoms appear on the body.

For example, there are:

  • indoor and outdoor allergies ( called “hay fever”, “seasonal”, “perennial”, or “nasal” allergies),
  • food allergies,
  • latex allergies,
  • insect allergies,
  • skin allergies,
  • eye allergies, etc.

These diseases of the immune system, aka. Allergies, are extremely common and can be prevented by taking a few simple steps like:

  • dusting to control mites
  • vacuuming as often as possible
  • reducing contact to pet dander
  • shutting window to keep pollen outside
  • avoiding mold spores

To learn more, please visit The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America website at
If you or your loved one is suffering from severe allergy or asthma symptoms, please call (706)322-9599 to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians at Valley Healthcare System.

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