It’s the last stretch before the holidays begin and you know that Halloween candy, Thanksgiving turkey and dressing, and that inevitable basket of holiday cookies or treats will soon be calling your name. How can you get back on the bandwagon and see serious results just in time for the end of the 2012? Here are five workout movements that will have you and your family getting fitter and healthier, well before the New Year crowd floods your local gym.

  1. High-Intensity At-Home Workouts – Don’t act like you haven’t seen the infomercials. These programs are serious, they’re intense, and there’s a variety of them to choose from. For purists, the original P90X is an option to consider. This Tony Horton creation has thousands of devotees and claims to bring about amazing transformation in participants in just 90 days. But newcomers on the market include Insanity, a so-called “elite” program that promises results in just 60 days, and Tapout XT, the MMA-inspired 90-day program.
  2. Weird Equipment – From foam rollers to kettlebells, there’s always a new piece of equipment that you’ve never heard of before. One really interesting option that is available for home use as well as in gym settings is the TRX Suspension Training System. Ranging from $200-350 (depending on the set), TRX may not be as cheap as a used treadmill, but it’s said to be quite a bit more effective – even New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees swears by it. TRX provides a balance challenge for sure, but since it doesn’t require additional weights, it’s a great base for a hardcore home gym.
  3. YouTube It – Free streaming video workouts available on YouTube and other websites are starting to take off. One such example is BodyRockTV, a free website with quick workouts and huge results. Most routines last around 20 minutes or so, but every minute counts for some serious intensity. Also checkout Zuzka Light, the YouTube home of fitness personality Zuzana Light. As the cofounder of BodyRock now gone solo, Zuzana’s weekly “ZWOWs” are anxiously awaited by thousands of “Warriorz” who swear by the intensity and efficacy of her extreme 15-20 minute workouts. A word of warning, though: If you’re sensitive about sites that show too much skin, these may not be for you. BodyRockTV and Zuzka Light are both pretty packed with eye candy.
  4. Crossfit – You’ve probably heard about Crossfit already, and maybe you even know someone who has gone headfirst into one of the craziest and most ardent group of fitness fans you’ll ever find. But with “boxes” (that’s a gym, in Crossfit language) opening up all over the country, now is as good a time as ever to really go for it and see what you’re made of. If you can complete a WOD (Workout of the Day) without falling down in a puddle of sweat, you might just be on your way to excellence!

Kids Fitness Classes – From Crossfit to Zumba, kids classes are popping up in schools, afterschool care centers, and gyms all over the country. Ask teachers, coaches, and friends if they know of any new options out there to help you get your entire family on the road to better health and happiness.

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